Nar Shadaa

Session 2

Avenel, Adeen, Arani II, and Draco are at the gate preparing the assault on the sith base to rescue the young padawan thats in captivity.

They Killed everyone in the base and they captured the Sith Adept Darth Krahn the Swift. They all rolled perception checks and made them all. They found four secret passages and they all lead to different parts in the base.

The Hanger- Arani II found the hanger and found 4 swoop bikes and found 2 landspeeder. He is bringing them all back. The Astronomech Droid flew the ship behind the base where the hanger is at and loaded all the vehicles in one of the bays.

The Armory- Draco found the armory and found a droid named CP-402. CP-402 is coming with the crew and also helped with draco with the schematics and equipment for droids and their ship. Arani II helped by moving everything with the Force.

The Prisoner- Avenel meet up with prisoner Nek Luke and is trying to help get him out and Nek will be joining with the group. Avenel got him free and got him on the ship and is helping him get medical supplies.

The Sith- Adeen talked to the sith and got the coordinates for the cystal.

The Council- The Council gave the young padawan Nek to Adeen’s crew. And gave them their reward for what they done.



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