Nar Shadaa

Session 1

The men, women and wookie of the team of Adeen are in the tactical room of Adeen’s YX-1980 and they are talking about the next location of the next clue for the legendary Solari Lightsaber Crystal that Arani Winter II is looking for as it is his destiny.

We Headed to the planet Taivas to go to the jedi hidden temple. Me and my co-piolot rolled three consectuctive DC20 of 20.

We got introduced to a jedi named Halla Mongo. Arani II has been takin back to see the council for information on the crystal.

THE MEETING- Arani II got a mission to go destroy a sith adept base to avoid confrontation from Darth Krayt

THE Ship/Droid Upgrade STORE- Avenel, Adeen, and Draco go to the Droid Store to see if they can upgrade the Magnaguards they built. Also getting schematics and parts to also upgrade the ship with weaponary and defenses. They got a discount of 50%. The total price is 35,000. We put a down payment of 10,000 credits and it will be done within 3-4 days.

The Medical Bay- Adeen and Avenel started to head to the medical bay to get some medical suplies for the group. They bought 7 Med Packs and 7 Surgery Kit.

The Jedi Knight- Shado Vao was walking down the hall and saw Arani II meditating. They stared discussing about each other and got on the topic about the solari crystal. Arani II told Shado Vao about the crystal and its past and this made Shado Vao interested in the crystal. Shado Vao gave him some advice about the darkside and to be wary of it for certain reasons not dicussed in public. Arani II told him that they are going on a mission to destroy a base. Arani II could not convince Shado Vao to come with them on their mission.

The Mechanic- Day 1 Mechanics, ion cannon, 1 turret. Day 2 2nd turret is installed.

The Meeting 2- They discussed the intel of the base and got told that their rewward will be 50,000 credits each. But also they been told that there are 2 Jedi Padawans captured by the Sith and it may be for ransom. But they also have been told to capture a sith that is known to be in charge of the project of building the base.

The Plan- Attack the turrets first then attack the four sith mauaders. Killed them all got 16 more sith to kill.



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